About Coach Alecia

alecia-coach-about-circleCoach Alecia is a new Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Business Mentor who helps ordinary women achieve personal success and increase their business profitability through her coaching, workshops, and lifestyle development programs.

“Each of us inherently knows our purpose in life. As a girl, I developed a passion for wanting to understand and help others. As I grew older, I quietly embraced these feelings and identified them as my life’s purpose: To serve others by being non-judgmental, empathetic and a source to help identify solutions to life’s challenges.”

It was Coach Alecia’s early identification that enabled her to ultimately overcome personal and professional difficulties, including homelessness, abuse, self-doubt and other adversities that left her questioning her abilities and self-worth. Coach Alecia’s own life experiences are what make her so passionate about mentoring women in particular. She maintains that one of the foremost things that helped her during trying times was having a stable support system made up of caring, strong women. It was through their support that Coach Alecia realized the importance of women helping one another.

Today, Coach Alecia inspires and helps other women to live a purposeful, enjoyable life by breaking through financial limitation, overcoming personal challenges and rapidly increasing their business profitability.

Join her so you too can live a purposeful, enjoyable life, via coaching, workshops, lifestyle development programs, business mentoring, and luxury events.