Things only look bad now because your in your current test. Step onto new foundation.

Anyone feeling tired today? Feel like STOPPING?

Let me tell you something…if you’re reading this you have more reason to believe that you will rise again than most.

1. You can read LOL.

2. You have today to correct the wrongs of yesterday. Learn from your errors and add it to your list of lessons learned. It makes no sense blaming yourself for things that you can not change.

3. You’re not defeated once you’re will to fight. If you did not fall, how would you know you’re standing or can rise again? As a women you’re destine for grate things. In the womb of Ruth came nations and a grate king. She too faced hard times and did not know what was within her.

4. If you stop, things will only get worst. You will be standing on the foundation that you gave up on and on that foundation you shall build the rest of your life. But if you rise up and step forward you will establish a new foundation. A foundation of new beginning, experience of overcoming what was meant to defeat you.